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I really need to update this more. Last weekend was pretty sweet.… - Riding the outer ring of your own private saturn... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 20th, 2006|12:17 am]
I really need to update this more.

Last weekend was pretty sweet.
Saw a buttload of people.
Had good times.
Got hit by the ocean.
I got told that my piercing looked nice from some random lady at a coffee shop.
Then got called "the nicest girl you'd meet" for the second time ever. Which was awesome.
Good to know people will still stand up for me when they're friends are lame.
Girlfriends got mad. And hate me. Wow never met someone like that
Went back to Forges field for the first time since we saw the ghost.
We parked where there used to be woods and were I peed on Amanda's birthday last year.
And Bruce and Mark went on this spaceship and it almost broke.
And we went on the swings.
Rode a three wheeler.
Went to Taylor's new beautiful house.
Easter was just plain weird.
This week has been crazy.
I feel so much awesomer.
I've gone to the gym everyday and I actually have energy.
I got all my work done and now I can come home tomorrow at 5.
Well not home but to Plymouth.
4 day weekend 2 weeks in a row sounds pretty sweet.
I'm Bruce's psychiatrist. You don't even wanna know.